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Mary Lou and Bela reunited on "Sidewalks" and in new "webisodes" on-line at AT&T

rmer gymnast Mary Lou Retton is considered America’s darling, as she captured and won Olympic Gold in the 1984 Summer Olympics.

Bela Karolyi is known as the most famous gymnastics’ coach in the history of the sport. Teamed with his wife, Márta, Bela has coached both the United States and Romanian Olympic teams to medal success. Some of his legendary gymnasts include Nadia Comaneci, Dominique Moceanu, Kerri Strug, and Retton.

In this informative May 2007 interview, host Rafael Siegel speaks to Mary Lou and Bela about Mary Lou getting into gymnastic after watching Comaneci, Bela's motivation in coaching, and if Mary Lou has a secret hidden side.

As part of the promotional tour*, the duo talks about USA Gymnastics: Behind the Team, an original series of webisodes providing intimate access to the athletes’ journeys to the forthcoming Olympics games. Behind the Team has interviews with current and former athletes and coaches; coverage of training camps and competitions; and snapshots at how the sport has evolved over time. Personal stories of the competitors is also revealed through the series, which is presented by AT&T Blue Room in cooperation with the USGA (United States’ Gymnastics’ Association).

Interviewer:  Rafael Siegel    Editor: Richard R. Lee
Special Thanks To:
AT&T, USGA,, and
Shana Davick and Liv Davick, a Publicity and Production Boutique, Inc.

*This interview will continue to appear intact beyond the promotional date.




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Mary Lou Retton and Bela Karolyi
May 31, 2007



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AT&T Blue Room
Webisodes of USA Gymnastics: Behind The Team


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