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In March of 2002, host Cindy Rhodes talks to singer and actress, Natalie Imbruglia, who was in San Francisco attending The National Association of Recording Merchandisers (NARM) convention.

  Born in Australia in 1975, Natalie first found fame as an actress and not as a singer. She landed the teen role of Elisabeth 'Beth' Brennan/Willis on the Australian soap opera Neighbours. After a two-year stint, she left for London and quit the popular soap at the age of 19 because she felt creatively stifled. 

Being typecasted for the role she played on the series, Natalie had problems getting work, as well as obtaining a UK work permit.  But two years later, things started to fall into place. She met her future manager, Anne Barrett, who helped introduced Natalie to several high profile music and record producers, including Phil Thornalley, a former member of the rock group Cure.

The pop single "Torn" was a smash hit for Natalie in 1997 from the double platinum-selling album, "Left of the Middle," that debuted on the charts at Number 10.  In 2001, she released the album, "White Lilies Island," with another hit single called "Wrong Impressions."

Following her interview with Sidewalks, she announced that she was returning to acting . . . in a feature film. Natalie, playing the role of special agent Lorna Campbell, starred with John Malkovich and Rowan Atkinson in a spoof spy film, "Johnny English."

In December 2002, Natalie became engaged to her boyfriend, Daniel Johns of Australian rock band, Silverchair. On December 31, 2003, the couple were married in a secluded tropical location in Australia.

The exclusive Sidewalks Entertainment TV interview, which is shown in two-parts, has Natalie talking about her career and writing music.

The Natalie Imbruglia interview can be viewed using the Real Video Player.

Part 1 - 56K | 256K 
Natalie talks about how her career got started with a television soap opera, how her family feels about her success, and what the hit song "Torn" did for her singing career.

Part 2 - 56K | 256K
In this segment, Natalie tells host Cindy Rhodes about her current album, "White Lilies Island."  Also, Natalie answers web viewer questions.

Interviewed by: Cindy Rhodes
Edited By: Richard R. Lee
Videographers: William Hodgson, Takashi Kaneda

Special Thanks to:
 Direct Hit Entertainment
 RCA Records
 Michael Carpenter
 Glenna McIntosh
Marriott Hotel in San Francisco




Natalie was the first musical guest in the long history of the show to appear on NBC's Saturday Night Live before she had a record out in the United States. 


Exclusive Sidewalks screen shots and photographs (the images will open in another browser window):

Natalie Solo 1

Natalie Solo 2

Natalie Solo 3

Natalie Solo 4

Natalie with Cindy Rhodes

Natalie with Sidewalks crew


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